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Our Process

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Our Working Process in 3 Steps

Our mission is to work with your team to deliver a service and Custom Transformer that exactly meets your needs.


We provide a system that is manufacturer-independent for monitoring, controlling, and regulating power transformers. The desired range of functions can be implemented on a modular basis based on the customer's requirements - for different types, power classes, and areas of transformer application.

Design & Refine

Special believes in the value of standardisation, system integration, and transformer intelligence to increase reliability, detect incipient faults, assist with issue resolution, and increase flexibility and renewable energy intake.


Our transformer experts have extensive experience in providing the most effective lifecycle solutions for power transformers of any age and brand, from reactive to proactive services.

We build
better products

stage 1

Client's Consultation

Tailored answers to our client’s particular power system requirements to be part of a better future for our customers and employees by understanding and solving customers’ needs and problems. 

Decision to “Do as we say, and Say as we Do” to promotes a culture of accountability and guarantees that customers are always treated honestly and transparently, enabling us, our suppliers, and our customers to work together to achieve the desired results. 

stage 2

Planning & Design

Our team of engineers, technicians, and specialists have over 20 years of transformer maintenance experience and access to millions of test results, so they know how to keep your transformer fleet running reliably. 

stage 3

Project Fulfillment

We can create custom coils and transformers based on your specifications, or we can modify any of our standard products for your application. Our team is available to help you throughout the custom transformer design-build process. 

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