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About Us

A team of electricians is making repairs three phase electric power oil  transformer

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since 2002

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Decades of Experience

We at Special Transformers are dedicated to providing better, safer, economically sustainable, yet effective electrical services and energy conservation systems while keeping our industrial development, environment, and human prosperity in mind. 

Our mission is to provide our valued customers with high-quality, dependable products. At the same time, we are constantly improving the design and quality of our innovative products in order to meet the industry’s current and latest demands. 

Whether you require a single component or a fully integrated service, we will work with you in partnership to deliver a solution that benefits your business. Our strength lies in our ability to provide a wide range of services tailored to the needs of individual customers. 

Our goal is to be one of the country’s leading transformer manufacturers. We are confident that with the continued support of our trusted clients and potential customers, we will be able to survey and contribute to the building of our nation. 

Top Services

Take your craft to the next level

Special Transformers offers services for all brands and types of transformers throughout the entire transformer life cycle, from commissioning to recycling. Our mission is to identify and solve electrical problems for our customers. We do this while constantly improving and developing our communication and learning skills. 

You can count on us throughout the transformer’s lifecycle. 

  • Provider of total life cycle transformer services, insulation, and components. 
  • Decades of experience servicing transformers all over the world 
  • A comprehensive service portfolio designed to meet the uptime and reliability requirements of assets throughout their life cycle. 
our team

Meet the people who take risks

Our team recognises that the work we do is one-of-a-kind and encourages clients and trainees to join us in order to gain knowledge and understand the importance of asset safety and maintenance. 

Our service quality always meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s standards. This includes our work procedures, which are in accordance with all site requirements and standards. 

Jeanna Lewis

Project Manager

Sandra Lee

Project Manager

Nick Carter

Project Manager

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Project Manager